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Platforms and Installation

The following platforms are available: Moloc requires a 3-button mouse and an OpenGL-capable graphics board. 3-d stereo is provided whenever the graphics board has this capability. Obtaining corresponding drivers (Linux) may not always be straightforward. A convenient option is a board from the NVIDIA Quadro product line.
Unfortunately, not all of Apple's graphics drivers can handle the needed set of OpenGl graphics calls at present. For some newer Mac models this can severely hamper operation, up to making the program unusable!

Install SGI version (Silicon Graphics) (see also hints)

Install LINUX version (see also hints)

Install Windows version (NT up) (see also hints)

Install Mac Os X version (see also iHints)


Documentation (html) is found on the home page moloc/www/home.html.
The first four sections of the Manual contain the basic instructions to run the program.