Repulsive Gravity?

Paul R. Gerber
Gerber Molecular Design, Forten 649, CH-8873 Amden, Switzerland

This highly speculative small note tries to dwell on possible implications for cosmologic modeling, when one assumes that matter and antimatter experience mutual gravitational repulsion instead of attraction. I'm not aware of any experiment which discriminates among the two possibilities, although it seems to be generally accepted, that attraction takes place. However, it appears that by assuming matter-antimatter repulsion (MAR) several fundamental difficulties in cosmology theory may be removed. At present it is far from clear to me whether a MAR-consistent extension of the theory of gravity can be worked out, and whether such a thing exists at all. Nevertheless, dwelling on my present understanding of general relativity, I would envisage a two-dimensional analog of the geometry of the universe as a flat sheet metal with indentations, up from matter islands and down from antimatter ones. Orientability of space would take care of the up-down distinction without a need for embedding.

Amden, November 21, 2010

I have immensely benefited from the well written books of Andrew Liddle and from John Peakock's classic Cosmological Physics