Towards a Theory of Bipolar Gravity (BG)

Paul R. Gerber
Gerber Molecular Design, Forten 649, CH-8873 Amden, Switzerland

The motivation for this work is the evidence that the assumption of matter-antimatter repulsion (MAR) could remove several of the very basic problems encountered in current cosmology (see companion note).

Geometry-Generating Function

The geometry-generating function, G, is a scalar function from which the geometry of space can be derived. It's gradient serves to generate the deviation of the metric tensor from a flat unit tensor. This deviation is simply the (symmetric) tensor product of the gradient of G with itself. For a single mass point at the origin, G takes the form

G(r) = 2s(r/s-1)1/2,

where s is the Schwarzschild radius. In the black-hole range (r<s) this formula does not make sense at presence. A small calculation yields the well known metric tensor for the Schwarzschild geometry, in particular the radial element

grr = 1 + drG drG = (1-s/r)-1,

dr being the partial derivative with respect to r.



Amden, January 19, 2011