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About Moloc

Moloc is a molecular modeling package designed with emphasis on high interactivity.

Since 1986 it has been, and now continues to be developed in close collaboration with drug designers and crystallographers of the Roche Biostructural community.

General policy is to avoid site-specific features in favor of a high inter operability with third party software. Thus, a wide range of file formats can be read and written to provide the necessary interfaces. Clearly, interfacing is at present biased by the software packages used at Roche, but implementation of additional file formats will be provided upon request, as long as their description is publicly accessible.

The concept of continuous updates, as it is currently practiced at Roche, is intended to maintain a high interactivity with the user community. Continuous updates means, that whenever sufficiently many, or urgent modifications have been implemented, a new version is deposited for immediate downloading to all interested users.